I as so many others put down 50% deposit when i ordered my trailer on April 17th.

I called them on may 22nd and was told they was running behind due to axle problems. I was told it would take another 9-12 days to have it ready.

Well now on June 28th i find out that i am not alone, and that this is a huge fraud case.

Well i will be filling a claim with paypal, i will contact my local sherriff dept. and i will hire a lawyer and file a lawsuit.

Anyone up to join for a class action lawsuit?

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $1350.

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Yes I am ...I got my trailer but with the axel cut in have and some other metal welded in to make the right length..so I'm down for a lawsuit

to Anonymous Austin, Texas, United States #1032198

do you know who subcontracted the welding for them . I also had welding problems .

my trailer came apart from the truck while driving .i crashed.

thanks for the information . donna dustydonnasue@gmail.com

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #1000839

Husky Cargo is now owned by Alumatek Industries, LLC which is owned by Michael Gatewood. NO Creditors, Alumatek (Michael Gatewood) took over Husky.

Michael Gatewood has pulled this exact same scam under the name Hurricane Cargo out of Georgia.

If you go to sunbiz.org the Florida department of corporations and search husky cargo, view all documents see the new owner is Alumatek Industries, then search Alumatek Industries and view all documents (pdfs on bottom) you will see they are all signed by Micheal Gatewood!

Micheal Gatewood is the person who stole your money, Paypal account for Husky Cargo deposits was in the name Micheal Gatewood, his email: mgatewood@huskycargo.com this *** has robbed all of you. Here is his cell number (if he hasn't shut it off) 813-493-2836

You MUST report him to the Polk County Sheriff, the Bartow Municipal Airport since the property he was using for this scam is STILL owned by his father Cliff under the name Lone Wolf Properties who is now his partner on Alumatek Industries, LLC and in on the scam. The Florida Attorney General office as well as the BBB. I know this all will take you a little time (20 to 30 minutes) BUT this guy has ROBBED you, us...all of us intentionally.

He knew what he was doing, he has done it before.

Employees weren't paid, trailers not built, not even started and the ones that were started or built utilized scraps and inferior products and aren't worth a penny and will most likely end up casing a sever accident.

Two local reporters have reported online about the closing and are looking further into this matter since they have had numerous emails and calls. Please let them know your story as well for more evidence for their new story with the TRUTH:

John Ceballos - john.ceballos@theledger.com 863-802-7515 Steve Steiner - ssteiner@heartlandnewspapers.com 863-533-4183

to Anonymous #1005065

He is also now the owner of Leg-A-C. The phone number you posted has been disconnected.

to Anonymous #1017947

Anyone that has been ripped off by Michael Gatewood, Dewayne Pass, Rick Tumbleston, or any of the other participants of this little roadshow of fraud out of Georgia, and now Florida, Lets get together and put our efforts into gathering all info on past business names, people etc for the State AG to file federal charges on these scumbags. That will most likely remove the protection of an LLC filling for the business and hopefully pave the way to personal asset confiscation from all parties.

Even the Airport Board is guilty of at least poor judgement for allowing Husky Cargo to open up without checking references. If they did check them out and let them operate there anyway as Husky Cargo and now as Alumatek Industries LLC , well that has a whole other legal ramification. Be that as it may, anyone affected by these people should contact your states Attorney General and file a complaint. It's their job to protect their citizens rights, plus their voice carries more force than ours.

"All Evil needs to flourish is for Good people to do nothing". Michael Lawyer said it was Mr. Pass who took the money and caused all the problems, seams he did the same thing in Georgia when they were known as Hurricane trailers and Compass Trailers and then in Florida as Husky Cargo and now Alumateck Industries, whos LLC papers were signed by Michael Gatewood on June 15, 2015. Mr.

Pass has been a business associate of Micaels for years, and he has been stealing all these year and poor little Michael didn't know, yeah...right. Seams rather interesting that Mr. Pass, (Dewayne), was listed as Principal agent for both Compass and Husky trailers with an address of 3908 Santee Way Valrico, Fl. 33596.

The filing date for Compass was 6-12-2013, and Husky Cargos filing date is listed as 6-03-2013. How can you be listed as the Principal agent on 6-03-2013 for a company that didn't even begin trailer manufacturing until Jan. 2015. If you are conducting business honestly as Compass trailers in 2013, why file as Principal agent 9 days earlier for a company that won't actually exist until late 2014 and begin manufacturing in 2015.

I'm not sure YET, but I think Hurricane trailers existed between Compass and Husky. If this isn't preplanning for future fraudulent business activities, that please tell me what it is. His Lawyer said Michael was in such bad financial shape that he had to get a JOB, LOL, I'm wiping away my tears as I type. LMAO.

Guess that job is Alumatek Industries LLC at the SAME airport. Same NAME Same GAME. When are the authorities going to put down their collective donut and do something.

I'm not holding my breath. Don't take my word for it, check this out on the net your self.

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