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Georgia Made Trailers web site looks very similar to the Husky Cargo's site. It is not listed by the state of Florida as any entity.The BBB has no information.

On face book, it shows the address as 39343 Pretty Pond Road, Zephyrhills, Florida for the manufacturing Plant. I drove by the site which is a single family residence with three cars in front. Is this Mike Gatewood's address? I'm not on facebook and do not want to be.

If so someone needs to warn the public. The site has a valid phone number to leave a message. If you lost any money, E-mail my address.

If you are an owner reading this beware, I want either my trailer, money or seeing you in jail.

Have a nice day. Bob Hoffman 903-268-7441

This person wrote the review because of problem with delivery at Husky Cargo. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $1850 and wants Husky Cargo to issue a full refund.

The most disappointing in user's experience was crooks and theives. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Jacksonville, Florida, United States #1180021

Yes I want this taken down I am the author of the georgia made trailers site. I don't even know mike gatewood.

of course I have heard of him, but it's pretty dirty draggin our business into this and I will be filing a lawsuit against however you are that wrote this about our business. So Take it down or get a very good lawyer because you are definetly setting yourself up for a big lawsuit.


Georgia Made Trailers. Is not an old husky site.

In fact we aren't crazy about Gatewood either. The Facebook page was thought to be deleted.

You should really check before you attack other businesses.

Try snapper trailers. They are very reputable people.

Austin, Texas, United States #1032200

Do you or anyone know who subcontracted the welding. i would like to contact them.

i will give a finders fee .. dustydonnasue thank you Donna

Germantown, Maryland, United States #997729

They have shutdown the bartow plant alot of trailers and all still there seems it was the airport,county, or even feds shut them down.Word is they owe alot of money so they where locked out.By whom not sure.

Paris, Ile-De-France, France #997600

Here's the information we have on the owner so far.

Michael J. Gatewood

1810 S.

Dover Rd

Dover, FL 33527


Bob, Georgia Made Trailers looks to have zero affiliation with Husky Cargo. As far as the website's looking even remotely similar...

you need to get your eyes checked. I understand everyone here is doing research online and trying to connect the dots, but let's be very careful about dragging other legitimate business in the middle of this on the basis of "similar sites" (by the way, i see no similarities in layout or images).

Orlando, Florida, United States #997597

Michael J. Gatewood

1810 S. Dover Rd

Dover, FL 33527

to Anonymous #997662

Mike, You are a scam artist and a bonified thief. You have hurt too many honest people and we will get you in the end.

Do not deal with Mike Gatewood or any business he is associated with. You have been warned.

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