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I recently have had some bad dealings with husky cargo and thought u might want to know my story. On April 22nd I spoke with Aubrey Nichols and made an agreement to buy a 24 foot v-nose Inclosed trailer.

Upon agreeing to the lengthy sales contract and him promising me to have a trailer by June 1st to move my family back to Oklahoma from the Florida keys. On April 25th I deposited $4900 in the husky cargo Wells Fargo account in Key West as he said it would speed up the building process if it was payed in full and not just a deposit. A week later I received an email from husky cargo giving me a sales order # and a vin #. May 25th I called husky cargo to get an update on the trailer and was told that they were 2 weeks behind and I would not have my trailer till June 15th.

Not very happy about that but I could deal with it. So June 11th I start trying to get ahold of anyone at husky cargo and no answers nor any returned calls. On June 15th all the phone #s I had were disconnected and about a week later I got the email that said the company was seized by creditors which I thought weird because it came from a husky cargo email not a creditors email. So on July 1st I drove 6 hours to the factory in Bartow and finally got to talk to a guy named Chris.

He told me that they were trying to fill all the orders but didn't know when or if I would get a trailer. He then offered me to upgrade to a bigger and more expensive trailer. I did not have the money at the time so I went back to the the Keys. Talked to Chris a couple of more times the next day trying to resolve this or find out if or when I was going to get a trailer.

After that I could not get ahold of him or anyone till the 9th of July. Thinking the only way that I was going to be able to get anything out of them I made a deal to upgrade to a 28foot gooseneck trailer that was $7750 more than what I had already paid them. So on July 14th I drove back up to Bartow to get the trailer that I really did not want. Upon arriving the trailer we made the deal on was scratched in many places and had obvious leaks.

So afraid of losing my first $4900 we were going to hook up to the trailer and take it but the jack system would not so they had to take back In the shop to fix it. While we were waiting I walked around the back of the building and there were about 25-30 trailers all completed so I started looking at them and noticed that there were trailers with vin #s that would have been made after mine and on further inspection found a trailer exactly like the one I ordered and the vin # was after mine. Mine-15076 the trailer on the property-15124. So I looked inside the trailer and found the sales invoice.

The invoice was dated 5/11/15 that was after mine was supposed to be started and said husky open stock on the customers name and the ship to address. I called Chris and had him come out back and explain all this to me and he came up with some BS story about it being a customers trailer that didn't pick it up and got sold to another customer. I called his bluff and showed him the invoice that was in the trailer. He said the only option I had was to take the trailer that was $7750 more or take them to court and try to get my money back.

So I took my money and bought a trailer in Tampa at champion trailers.

Called my lawyer and got on with my life. Please let me know if u hear of any group law suits against them or have any questions .Thanks Larry Wallace 405-238-4244 also took pics of all the trailer vin# that I could before they ran me off I will post them all when I can write them down from the pics

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My vin was given to me as 15111 when I called in June. Thank The Lord for Chase Bank.

I gave 4000.00 deposit that Chase reimbursed me for in late June after repeated attempts to contact these folks.

If you used a bank card you may want to see if you are covered. In my case it is Chase that will go after them.

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