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I bought a trailer in January of 2015 and if February 2015 the right side of the trailer collapse . 2 weeks later the back door collapse also .

I spend over $3000.00 for repairs and i never got reimbursed for that .... I have the pictures and video to prove . Also they made my trailer out of left over materials weld together.

My frame was made from 2 pieces...Wow...Right side frame was made from 2 pieces ... STAY THE *** AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY ....



This person wrote the review because of bad quality of trailer from Husky Cargo and attached a photo. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $9500 and wants Husky Cargo to "get out of the business... husky railer is putting people out of business".

The most disappointing in user's experience was crooks, very poor customer service, no concern or response and theives. Author liked the most product. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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This post is from an employee in 2012 showing a pattern of Michael Gatewood AND his father pulling this same PONZI scehem as Hurricane Cargo in Georgia:

#64 Jul 27, 2012

When is someone going to do something about these people. I've talked to alot of officials and they said they would get right on it.

I know it takes time to get the ball rolling, but *** these people are crooks and that place is working people 50hrs a week and some of them grossed a little over 300 dollars last week and they're selling trailers out the back door illegally. Not to mention that most of their *** is on consignment and they're going to leave alot of companies holding the bag. W.T. Howell; there is a *** good reason why Lippert Components Inc.

will not even deal with them and they supply almost everybody. I mean come on enough is enough. I know about a month ago they were $50,000 dollars behind with ya'll. Gatewood's daddy told me himself they were $200,000 in the red.

They don't even do inventory. When I mentioned it I got run off. I thought I was trying to help. When I got there it was almost a daily occurance that we'd build duplicate trailers.

They don't even stamp the serial number in the weld shop. Before Alfred Harrell worked there a week they didn't even have a production board. He set it up and Mike Gatewood would come behind him and shuffle the board around until Alfred just got so frustrated that he quit. He and me had just left a company that we had built from the ground up and he was not going to put up with fixing another one a watch abunch of morons tear it apart.

I thought he just had a bad taste in his mouth from CW.

Little did I know that he still knows more than me and he didn't need to get run off he quit. Enough is Enough.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #1000681

PROOF this scam has been going on LONG before this and that MICHAEL GATEWOOD was and always has been the owner:

"I ordered the a 48' enclosed trailer back in May 2014 for a sum of $27,956.00. It was outfitting to the fullest, hence the price.

Its been a dream of mine to get something like this when I started my business 15 years ago as a young adult. I called Husky Cargo and paid deposit of $6850.00. They called me 8 weeks later and said it was ready. Beforehand I had asked for pictures which they supplied.

I drove all the way up to their previous location in GA to find a trailer that was crooked from the front to the end (think about the shape of a banana).

At this point I did not feel it was correct to take home a trailer that was not able to drive home safely. My dream trailer was quickly becoming a nightmare - I refused to take the trailer at the time, with promises from Husky that they would correct the finished trailer, build me a new trailer or refund me my money. I was assured by the head guy at the shop said they would fix it.

I know how these things work it needed to be rebuilt. 2 weeks later I get a call from the owner Mike Gatewood (Aug. 2014) telling me he will build me a new trailer because he can't give me my money back. Then on Oct.

14 Mike tells me he hasn't started it yet, I said that's fine my business is now hurting because I needed this trailer for events and if he could please just give me my money back. At this point he said he could not until he sells the original crooked trailer. I was still being as patient as possible, at the time I asked to show evidence of ads posted to sell the original trailer. I asked this because I would like to keep track and expedite a future trailer purchase as not having a trailer was becoming a very bad issue for our company.

I did not receive a response (Dec 14). I have now lost all communication with owner, he will not respond to any communication method. I attempt to get a hold of someone at their location and was informed that that trailer sold.

At this time requested my money and the accounting lady informs me that she will contact me later with payment information.

Now more than 2 month later and over 7 months since the original order date - I have no trailer or money. We have filled a police report and of course its ongoing.

PLEASE anyone think twice about doing business with these people PLEASE read my story I am a hard working business owner and this trailer situation with this company has left me with empty pockets and unfilled promises."

additional yelp complaints showing same pattern for more than a year can be found here...

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